Licence Register Details
Licence For :
The Boiler Room, 4-6 Victoria Terrace, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV31 3AU
DPS License Holder :
Mr Jack Woodward
Applicant :
The industrial Bar Project Ltd
Licence Date :
Operating Schedules
Sale of Alcohol for Consumption On or Off the Premises

Monday to Saturday from 12:00 to 23:00
Sunday from 12:00 to 22:00
On Christmas Eve and New Years Eve from 12:00 to 00:30

Supply of Alcohol

1. No supply of alcohol may be made under this licence:
A) At a time when there is no designated premises supervisor in
respect of it, or
B) At a time when the designated premise supervisor does not hold a
personal licence or his personal licence is suspended.
2. Every retail sale or supply of alcohol made under this licence
must be made or authorised by a person who holds a personal licence.
3. (1) The responsible person must ensure that staff on relevant
premises do not carry out, arrange or participate in any
irresponsible promotions in relation to the premises.
(2) In this paragraph, an irresponsible promotion means any one or
more of the following activities, or substantially similar
activities, carried on for the purpose of encouraging the sale or
supply of alcohol for consumption on the premises—
(a) games or other activities which require or encourage, or are
designed to require or encourage, individuals to—
(i) drink a quantity of alcohol within a time limit (other than to
drink alcohol sold or supplied on the premises before the cessation
of the period in which the responsible person is authorised to sell
or supply alcohol), or
(ii) drink as much alcohol as possible (whether within a time limit
or otherwise);
(b) provision of unlimited or unspecified quantities of alcohol free
or for a fixed or discounted fee to the public or to a group defined
by a particular characteristic in a manner which carries a
significant risk of undermining a licensing objective;
(c) provision of free or discounted alcohol or any other thing as a
prize to encourage or reward the purchase and consumption of alcohol
over a period of 24 hours or less in a manner which carries a
significant risk of undermining a licensing objective;
(d) selling or supplying alcohol in association with promotional
posters or flyers on, or in the vicinity of, the premises which can
reasonably be considered to condone, encourage or glamorise anti-
social behaviour or to refer to the effects of drunkenness in any
favourable manner;
(e) dispensing alcohol directly by one person into the mouth of
another (other than where that other person is unable to drink
without assistance by reason of disability).
4. The responsible person must ensure that free potable water is
provided on request to customers where it is reasonably available.
5. (1) The premises licence holder or club premises certificate
holder must ensure that an age verification policy is adopted in
respect of the premises in relation to the sale or supply of alcohol.
(2) The designated premises supervisor in relation to the premises
licence must ensure that the supply of alcohol at the premises is
carried on in accordance with the age verification policy.
(3) The policy must require individuals who appear to the responsible
person to be under 18 years of age (or such older age as may be
specified in the policy) to produce on request, before being served
alcohol, identification bearing their photograph, date of birth and
(a) a holographic mark, or
(b) an ultraviolet feature.
6. The responsible person must ensure that—
(a)where any of the following alcoholic drinks is sold or supplied
for consumption on the premises (other than alcoholic drinks sold or
supplied having been made up in advance ready for sale or supply in a
securely closed container) it is available to customers in the
following measures—
(i) beer or cider: ½ pint;
(ii) gin, rum, vodka or whisky: 25 ml or 35 ml; and
(iii)still wine in a glass: 125 ml;
(b) these measures are displayed in a menu, price list or other
printed material which is available to customers on the premises; and
(c)where a customer does not in relation to a sale of alcohol specify
the quantity of alcohol to be sold, the customer is made aware that
these measures are available.
7. Any individual carrying out security activities at the premises
must be licensed by the Security Industry Authority
8. 1) A relevant person shall ensure that no alcohol is sold or
supplied for consumption on or off the premises for a price which is
less than the permitted price.
2) For the purposes of the condition set out in paragraph 1—
(a)“duty” is to be construed in accordance with the Alcoholic Liquor
Duties Act 1979;
(b)“permitted price” is the price found by applying the formula— .

P=D + (DxV)
(i) P is the permitted price,
(ii) D is the rate of duty chargeable in relation to the alcohol
as if the duty were charged on the date of the sale or supply of the
alcohol, and
(iii) V is the rate of value added tax chargeable in relation to
the alcohol as if the value added tax were charged on the date of the
sale or supply of the alcohol;
(c) “relevant person” means, in relation to premises in respect of
which there is in force a premises licence—
(i) the holder of the premises licence,
(ii) the designated premises supervisor (if any) in respect of such a
licence, or
(iii) the personal licence holder who makes or authorises a supply of
alcohol under such a licence;
(d) “relevant person” means, in relation to premises in respect of
which there is in force a club premises certificate, any member or
officer of the club present on the premises in a capacity which
enables the member or officer to prevent the supply in question; and
(e) “valued added tax” means value added tax charged in accordance
with the Value Added Tax Act 1994.
3) Where the permitted price given by Paragraph (b) of paragraph 2
would (apart from this paragraph) not be a whole number of pennies,
the price given by that sub-paragraph shall be taken to be the price
actually given by that sub-paragraph rounded up to the nearest penny.
4) (1) Sub-paragraph (2) applies where the permitted price given by
Paragraph (b) of paragraph 2 on a day (“the first day”) would be
different from the permitted price on the next day (“the second day”)
as a result of a change to the rate of duty or value added tax.
(2) The permitted price which would apply on the first day applies to
sales or supplies of alcohol which take place before the expiry of
the period of 14 days beginning on the second day.

Normal Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday from 12:00 to 23:30
Sunday from 12:00 to 22:30
On Christmas Eve and New Years Eve from 12:00 to 01:00

Prevention of Crime & Disorder

Anti-social behaviour incidents and information about any person who
behaves in a way that is likely to cause trouble will be shared with
police and other licensed premises in the area via the local Pubwatch
Staff will operate a zero tolerance policy towards any anti-social
behaviour, drugs, drunkenness and underage drinking.
An incident log will be kept to record serious incidents.
Cash movements for tills etc should be handled in a discrete way and
not in sight of customers.
Duty manager to check that the CCTV system is operating at the start
of every day.
Keep tables clear of empty glasses.
Staff made aware of barred customers to keep out excluded individuals
(subject to court or pubwatch bans).
Keep good liason with local police and maintain working practices &
policy's in line with best practice.
Install and maintain CCTV in bar, doors and toilet lobby.
Till below counter and out of sight.
Bar manager with appropriate management skills and door supervisors
Adopt normal opening hours, shun late drinking and operate the bar in
a responsible manner with due consideration of all stakeholders.
Follow the premium pricing policy.

Public Safety

Ensure the electrical system is properly designed and compliant.
Trained staff to report damaged equipment, plugs, cable and fittings
and take out of service.
Train the duty manager to understand how to turn off electricity and
recognise each circuit in the event of an emergency.
Complete a fire risk assessment and emergency plan.
Install emergency lighting and adequate general lighting.
Test the installed fire detection system weekely, maintain
Staff to ensure that The Boiler Room does not sell alcohol to
intoxicated customers.
Ensure that the lighting in all areas is functioning correctly.
Keep all of the floor area, including the work spaces clear from the
unnecessary obstructions.
Do not tolerate leaking equipment.
Clean and dry spillages immediately using mop and designated bucket
and leave the floor dry.
Sweep the bar floor areas and mop with the designated mop using the
approved detergent and degreasing agent.
Good housekeeping - Keep all of the stock in the designated place.
Maintain the bar and preparation areas in an organised fashion.
Daily checks fire exits are clear, house-keeping is in good order.
Prevent unauthorised access to the bar and kitchen area.
Keep a check on the condition of the toilets.
No training cables or obstructions in walkways.
Keep a watching eye out if the capacity numbers appear to be
In the unlikely event of capacity being reached the bar manager will
supervise the door.
Heating system checked and serviced annually by a Gas Safe registered
At least one suitably trained first-aider shall be on duty when the
public are present.

Prevention of Public Nuisance

Keep the premsies clean and tidy, inside and outside including the
adjacent public paving and service yard.
Use sealed bins and keep the waste storage room doors closed.

Provide adequate sound proofing betweeen the bar and residential
Live acts to perform acoustic sets where possible, any amplified
instruments to be played at a low level.
Background digital music streamed through speakers should be
maintained at a low level.
Accept deliveries between 9am and 5pm.

Light pollution
N/A Medium level lighting to internal areas only.

Litter, waste and street fouling
We will keep the immediate street and the service yard free from
litter regardless of how it arrived there.

Hours of operation
To prevent public nuisance the bar will open no earlier than 12:00
hours and will not sell alcohol after 23:00hours other than New Years
Eve and Christmas Eve when the bar will close later. No customers
shall be permitted to be on the premises other than between 07:30 and
23:30 hours on any day.

Protection of Children

Ensure that the bar is safe for accompanied children.
We won't allow any children into the bar unless accompanied by a
responsible adult.
We won't allow children to remain in the bar after 21:00hours.
We will ask adults to leave with their children if they don't
maintain control of them.
Implement The Boiler Rooms "Safeguarding Children in our Bar Policy"
Staff to ask for proof of age if customers appear to be younger than
Adopt Challenge 25 Policy
Record refusals.
In addition to the "Challenge 25" public notice a prompt card is
attached at the point of sale to remind any member of staff to
consider a challenge.


The Boiler Room will embrace the Equality Act and provide access to
allow any person with a disability equal access to its offerings and
Staff will be trained to engage customers with good, polite attitude
and how to avoid confrontation by following The Boiler Rooms anti-
social behaviour policy.
Staff to be empowered and trained to refuse to serve and be able to,
if necessay, ask customers to leave.
Ensure that sufficient staff are trained to cover all available
operating times throughout the year.
Design an emergency plan, record it and train all staff in the
actions required to evacuate everybody safely from the bar.
Train staff in the emergency plan.
Operate the space safely and be prepared to initiate the emergency
Practice the emergency plan, maintain the emergency equipment.
Ensure sufficient staff at work during the busy periods of trade.
Display a notice of rules of the bar.
The Industrial Bar Project Ltd has compiled a collection of
procedures and policy's to ensure the safe, legal, compliant and fair
operation of the premises for the benefit of all stakeholders. These
specific measures will be regularly reviewed, updated and shared with
employees throughout their employment during regular training and
tool box sessions to ensure continuity of operations. All sessions
will be recorded.

Conditions agreed with the Licensee

No open vessels to leave the premises at anytime.
No entry/re-entry to the premises after 23.00 hours