General Instructions and Advice

Please use the following steps to calculate the fee for an application

  1. Select the type of application from 'Application Type' section
  2. Complete Schedules 1, 2 and 3 below
  3. Select the 'Calculate Cost' button located at the bottom of the page
Application Type:
Schedule 1 : Newly built Houses and Flats
For dwellings in excess of 300m² total floor area or over 3 storeys use schedule 3
Schedule 2 : Certain Works
When more than one extension is proposed and intended for a single dwelling the floor area should be combined. The floor area should be measured internally. Where work is concerned with the provision of access or facilities for a disabled person, in certain circumstances there are exemptions from fees. Please contact Building Control for further information.
Schedule 3 : All other works
All work that is not covered by the above categories e.g. alterations, conversions and adaptations. For projects with an estimated cost of more than £50000 you will need to contact the Building Control department directly. There is a 50% discount for work up to £5,000 value taking place at the same time as a domestic extension.